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Sergeant Eusibio “Bo” McCoy

The Eusibio “Bo” McCoy Foster Children’s Support Project, Inc. was formed in memory of Sergeant Eusibio McCoy, fondly known to family and friends as Bo. Bo was in foster care from a very young age, until he aged out at the age of 21. The founder of our organization met Bo when he was 12 years old and the two of them formed a special bond. Bo often discussed with her what he deemed to be inadequacies in the foster care system and the need for more programs that would provide educational, mentoring, tutoring and life skills for those aging out of the system. His dream was to one day form an organization to aid children in foster care. At the age of 21 he joined the United States Army and quickly excelled, becoming a military policeman and a combat instructor prior to being promoted to Sergeant just weeks prior to his untimely death in Belgium at the age of 24. While in Belgium, Bo was instrumental in getting many of his fellow soldiers to volunteer at a local orphanage. It was not until his death that many of them learned that he had spent most of his childhood in foster care and why he had been so passionate and persistent that they volunteer. This organization is dedicated to his memory and fulfilling his dream!

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